How does Amazon return policy works like?

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    I tried chatting with Amazon costummer support, but they didn't understand much of what i was trying to say. So i hope maybe someone in here knows the answer.

    For example, if i buy a laptop from and it get destroyed within 2 years, how does their return policy works like? For example here in my country if a item get destroyed, then the store have up to 3 times to try to fix the item, if the item is still defective after 3 times of trying fix the issue, then you are allowed to get a full refund from the store.

    How does Amazon handle return cases? I'm asking because i want to buy a razer laptop, but heard so much bad stuff about the laptops. Do i turn to Amazon, or Razer in case something happends?
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    If it gets "destroyed", then no return policy is in effect. Why would it be?

    If it's a defect requiring service, then Razor's policy controls, not Amazon's.
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    Think you’re getting me wrong . By destroyed I don’t mean accidentally damage cases, I rather mean things like : coolwhine, overheating laptop, throttling and so on.

    Amazon told me in the chat they within 2 years , that they’re are the one handling the warranty part, but I guess that they where not telling the truth then ?

    So if something happened, regardless me buying it from Amazon, I’m only allowed to turn to razer directly?
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    "return policy" != "warranty". Two different things.

    In the United States. But OP isn't in the United States. EU has different - and much stronger - warranty laws. In the EU, the seller has some responsibility.

    The article below is written from the viewpoint of the UK, but it illustrates the complications of the law.

    Well, that is a pretty old article! (2009). Here is something newer:

    Amazon, of course, has to comply with the law, assuming you buy from an EU-based Amazon store. And, indeed, OP stated their intent to buy from the German Amazon store.
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    But why do you want to buy a product that you have heard "so much bad stuff" about?

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