How does an ipod work as an external hd

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    So heres my story last xmas my pops got me a Zen Micro cause he just likes to be different then everyone else :p . Well turns out this was quite a mistake at first it seemed good but the software wasnt great no where near as wonderful as itunes. Thing wont play audible BIG bummer I really like audible books on tape. So ive finally dumped the shinyy white ipod copy and Im in the market for something less sh***. Like everyone else I cant quite decide between the nano small sexy very cool and good for exercise and stuff (I do run.) but I guess I can use my Zen for that dont care if it breaks. I could easily fit everything on a nano and I really love the look. But I also love the look of the new ipods thinner big screens and of course video. But I think I might still go with a Nano if not for 1 deciding factor.
    How well will a ipod work as a back up HD I just baught a 14inch ibook and as I was strapped for cash I only got a 60 gig hd. So Im gonna be needing some back up room soon do ipods work as external HD's Ive never owned one and the friends who do dont know what the wor Hard Drive Means (stupid people are more fun :D Ive got smart friends for intelligent conversation but none of them like music :eek: ) So theres my question with a bit of history from my life I might want to note that the files id be backing up wont need a high speed drive or anything.

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    Yes it can be used as an external hard drive. There's an option in the menu in itunes and it will mount it just like a regular external hard drive.
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