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TwinCities Dan

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My :apple:TV seems to have changed the way it sorts video files and I was wondering why it thinks some of my movies are suddenly Home Videos? Now half of my movies are showing up in the "Home Video" section and the other half is in the "Movies" section where they belong. :(

Anybody know what exactly flags a file as a "Home Video" and how to change it? :confused:

I should mention that I am talking about .m4v's on a HD not movies purchased from iTunes.

I can't even find what the :apple:TV has done with all my TV episodes... :mad:

Thanks in advance!


Apr 1, 2005
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Care to elaborate?

See my edit. There's a drop down menu that can change the tag.

Sorry ..Didnt read the whole question. DO'H

It can be changed from within iTunes.

If the Apple TV sees the file on your Macbook it must be seeing the iTunes library



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