How does Dropbox, iCloud Drive etc handle extra storage

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    Jan 27, 2014
    I have never really used services like Dropbox, OneDrive etc, excluding ios documents and data. Im therefore looking forward to start using iCloud Drive and have a question in regards to storage.
    So I'm using iCloud Drive (5gb free) and put all my documents in it and than purchase more storage (say 20gb) so I can put some videos in it as well.
    What happens if I don't pay the monthly fee for the extra storage? How do these services handle the downgrade back to your free storage. Will it keep my original documents I uploaded to my free storage and just delete my videos I uploaded to the extra storage? Does it delete the most recent uploads, your oldest files or everything?
    Thanks for any replies
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    Dropbox and Onedrive won't delete any files. You will just not be able to add/sync any new files as long as you are over the free quota. I haven't seen any specific information for iCloud, but I guess it will be the same.
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    So essentially it will block your account until you pay or clear your storage to the point where you within the free allowance again. Thinking about it now that seems very logical

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