How does Expose decide how to scatter windows?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by g-boac, Jun 21, 2009.

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    For example, if I have four windows open in Safari and hit Expose, sometimes the windows are neatly exploded into a square, with each window at a corner of the square. Other times, the same four windows are sort of scattered in a stair-step arrangement. Yet other times, the SAME four windows are just randomly scattered across my desktop.

    I'm just curious how Expose determines how to scatter the windows, and if there is something that I can do to control the window scatter order and structure?

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    If there are four windows of the same shape, size and position open, they'll be displayed in a horizontal line. If there is another with different attributes, they will be scattered.

    I remember reading an article somewhere about the algorithm Apple uses for the purpose, the general gist of it being that it should put the same window in roughly the same place every time it's triggered. It doesn't matter so much where the window goes as that it goes there every time.

    And no, there's nothing you can do to control it.

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