How Does Expose Work And Is There A Specific Means

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by SlaveToTheIMAC, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Oct 18, 2008
    Of setting it up "like most users"? I thought that Expose allowed for small windows to scroll up and down and or all around the screen. All I can do is get my open windows to open in a straight line across my monitor. Since I have a 24 inch screen it would be so much nicer to have the ability to use my "roller" on the mouse to scroll thru the windows. Isn't this what Expose is all about?
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    The way a lot of Mac users like to use Expose is to have it set to hot corners from the system preferences -- e.g. I have mine so that the upper left corner exposes all applications, the two lower corners expose all windows of the current app, and the upper right exposes the desktop.

    The screens showing up in a straight line is (arguably) a bug in Expose that has never been addressed... it only happens under certain circumstances, such as when all your windows are exactly the same size.

    As far as the scroll ball, no I've never heard that Expose was intended to be used with it. Sorry.
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    Perhaps the OP was thinking of the useless Windows Vista "flip 3d" feature. One thing you can do is use Command ~ when using Expose to cycle through windows... it's kind of like Flip 3D. But Expose is most useful when you have it set to a convenient key or mouse button or screen corner to activate (I use mouse buttons for All Windows and Application Windows, and the bottom right screen corner for Show Desktop).

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