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    Any documents you create in an app are automatically uploaded to iCloud and synced with your other devices. What happens when the storage space your documents take up is larger than your capacity in iCloud?

    For example, suppose that you have created enough Pages documents that you begin to exceed the free 5 GB. What happens when you create a new document? Is it not uploaded to iCloud and thus synced with other devices?

    Has anyone experienced something like this yet?
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    This is purely speculation, but my guess is it wouldn't let you save it to iCloud. It would probably force you to save it locally, and then show you an option to upgrade your storage.

    Edit: I decided to look into it a bit, and I found this from Apple support

    So it looks like if your iCloud account runs out of storage, and you choose to save a file to it, it will be saved locally and be added to a queue of documents to be uploaded once you have more space available on iCloud.
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    It seems like the implication is that any apps that utilize "Documents in the Cloud" on the iPhone or iPad will not be able to save new files at all, unless you completely turn off iCloud for that particular app.

    That's seems very... shortsighted. That limits your effective document file space to 5 GB max on a device with at least 16 GB worth of space.

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