How does Iphone who I sent a text msg from desktop email know my phone #

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    How does Iphone that received a text msg from desktop PC Yahoo email know my Iphone phone #

    There is prob a simple answer to this. I send emails from Yahoo email on my DESKTOP PC (not another phone) to various peoples phones

    From (sent from Desktop PC using Yahoo web email)
    To: ( is verizon).
    This sends the email as a text msg to their phone from my PC.

    If they have an Android phone and reply to my Yahoo sent text message (from PC), it returns their reply back to my email address as it should.

    If they have an Iphone and reply to the msg sent from my PC Yahoo email, it sends the reply as a text message to --MY-- Iphone. However note, it does not matter if my phone# is in their contact list or not (I have 3 phones). Again as a reminder the email text msg was sent from Yahoo via my work desktop email.

    Perhaps there is a middleman here (apple) that knows I have an Iphone and matches my email address to my iphone cell #?

    This is highly repeatable.



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    The messages are being sent using the Apple ID email address which ties into an iPhone number and you already have that particular contact added with the number included. That would be my guess.
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    It's all part of the iMessage magic. Thank you Apple. :apple:

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