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Mar 16, 2012
I felt the iPad Air was as big as you can get without needing some external keyboard to balance the thing, but this is a screen as big as a laptop. If one were to travel with it, a laptop would conceivably take up LESS space. It's still running iOS with no additional iPad Pro specific features, it isn't 1% more functional then an iPad Mini, think about that.

It's a great piece of tech it just makes no sense to be that big, an iPad Air 3 with pen support is still the perfect tablet machine, just light and small enough o differentiate itself from a laptop. This thing with a keyboard is as big as laptop but without the functionality


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Mar 16, 2012
Not sure it is manageable

my old note 12.2 was damn hard to hold too...nevermind 12.9

I've seen those giant tablets before, they're enormous, comical even when not mounted. I get that the iPad Pro isn't heavy but something that big isn't easy to always hold


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Jan 23, 2015
I guess it depends on what you use it for. If you sit at a table and it lays flat in front of you, like a sheet of paper or a newspaper would (or a board game), the relative unwieldiness isn't a problem. If used in bed, it will also lay flat next to you. Sitting on the couch, with legs up, it can comfortably sit on your stomach and leaning against the legs. What I can't see it very suitable for is holding it like a book or carrying it around much. But my Air 2 doesn't leave the house either because I find it bulky.


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Jul 13, 2008
Look at how they demo'd it: like a sketchpad. It's for people who need a flat surface to write on. So you'd paint on it on an easel. But typing on a Word document on a plane? not so much. Unless you buy the keyboard, but then you've got an iPad Surface Pro with only iOS apps.


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May 3, 2009
Similar questions were asked of the SP3, I think its doable, but over time, you'll suffer from hand fatigue as you try to hold it up


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Jan 6, 2005
It's only slightly larger than the Surface Pro 3, and thinner and lighter, so while it's not the same as a regular or mini iPad, as an owner of both the SP3 and an Air 2, there is no doubt that the larger screen is more immersive for a lot of content, and for 'casual' use around the house, etc. not unwieldy. Still, while people may make fun of the 'Pro' moniker, I don't think this tablet will be a big hit among the general marketplace, rather this is a tool for professionals of all sorts to use, or to find new uses for. I'm intrigued by the pen, and will certainly try one out, and consider it when I decide to replace my iPad, but for me, I'd prefer the pen functionality in a standard-sized iPad.

Clix Pix

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Years ago when I bought the first-generation iPad I decided that I didn't like setting the device down flat on a table or other surface, and I found some stands to use with it -- Gibson 3-wire stands from Amazon -- and they work a treat. When I'm not holding and using either my iPad Mini or my iPad Air 2 they rest on these stands, which also work well for charging, too. When used with a BT keyboard the iPad on a stand works just great for any sort of extensive typing, The stands are adjustable so that the device can be at whichever angle is best for reading or viewing. The stands are perfect for positioning the iPad in either the landscape orientation or the portrait orientation. At other times I hold my iPads when using them, such as in bed or relaxing in a comfortable chair. I know these stands will be just perfect for the larger iPad Pro, too.

I have no plans to buy the keyboard that connects into the iPad Pro; it looks awkward and cumbersome to me. Instead I will be using a BT keyboard with it when I need to type extensively -- the BT keyboard, not being attached, is much more flexible for placement while in use. With the iPad on a stand I can arrange both the device and the BT keyboard for maximum comfort and ease of use.
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