How does one count the number of events stored in iCloud?

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    Hi there

    How do I count the number of calendar events stored in the iCloud and is it possible to count by calendar name?

    I've hit a limit but I am not certain what is causing me to hit the limit. I recently backed up my calendars using BusySync, as I had previously had syncing issues. I then added my calendars back into my iCloud using iCal on my mac. running Mountain Lion.

    That took sometime to add back all the events but it didn't error at that time. could it then have been a case of hitting a limit but Apple not bothering to tell me or will all the events have ended up in iCal but not in iCloud. It's confusing.

    I'm not 100% certain how I reached the limit but I did have some repeating events and I don't know if Apple handled those correctly on re-import.

    Thanks for reading

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    I figured out what I think is a way to count events. Open Calendar then go to File menu then Export then Export... and export the calendar as a ICS file to your desktop. Now use Textedit to open that file. Notice how each event is in the format SUMMARY:Bob haircut for example. I just did a command-f and entered summary as the search term and to the right it tells me how many time the word summary appears in the file. That should be the number of events you have.
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    Thanks Weaselboy.

    That's great. Will do just that.
  4. infobleep, Jan 12, 2014
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    Well that has answered the problem. I have 27,151 call log/sms events. I can't believe it's that high but it certainly answers my problem.

    It's about 60 a day and that just isn't right. Perhaps it's an issue with my call and sms logging app, Call log calendar, on my Android smart phone.

    That automatically logs my sms's and calls. Now there is also an option to save manually and it may be that the manual saving option didn't check if events had already been logged, as I had been expecting and it double logged events or even triple logged them.

    If that is the case I will find a program to remove the duplicates and problem solved.

    That is indeed the problem. It's not happening all the time so it may have have been a temporary issue just at one time period. Can't be certain what caused it but I can at least resolve it.
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    For anyone interested, here is how I solved the problem.

    I took a back up of the calendar from my iCloud, via iCal, and deleted it.

    CTRL+click on the calendar in iCal and select export.

    Once exported then CTRL+click and select delete. Now it deletes all the calendar events.

    After doing that I still found the calendar had remained. If you find that to be the case then CTRL+click and delete it again.

    Now there is a programme called iCal dup which will remove duplicates but it doesn't work with iCloud. It is donationware.

    If you were to add the calendar back into iCal at this stage it would simply put it on the iCloud. However it is possible to get around this as the following Web Site shows explained:

    Go to calendar menu -> Preferences -> Accounts.

    Now switch off you iCloud. This won't remove any calendars from iCloud but will switch them off locally.

    Now import you calendar into iCloud as a new calendar. This can be down via the file menu.

    Once done you can then run iCal dup. That creates a backup of the calendars.

    Once the backup is completed you can then test the calendars.

    My single calendar revealed 22890 duplicate items! That's rather a lot.

    Finally I was able to De-dupe this calendar.

    After that I exported the calendar out of iCal and deleted it.

    I then reenabled my iCloud and reimported the calendar.

    Then I had to go away and see what I could do with my android as I had some missing events to add back in. Unfortunately I removed an app called SmoothSync for iCloud calendar when first trying to resolve the problem and it removed some events from my calendar.

    However I also backup my sms's and log calls to e-mail using sms backup so they were not totally lost.

    So that should be it. Hopefully that will help someone else in the future. Any problems then just reply here and hopefully someone can help.
  6. infobleep, Jun 1, 2014
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    The problem I was looking into back in January has reoccured.

    I've now found an Apple script which will count events in a calendar:

    Apple even helpfully convert the term iCal into calendar, so you don't have to [the name of the app changed since the script was put up].

    Counting my call log calendar returned 22410

    Hence the problem I had with my call log calendar might have reappeared, assuming it ever really went away. I switched Android phones to a Google Nexus 5 so I don't know if that caused any problems in doing so. In an ideal world it shouldn't but nothing is perfect.

    At least I can find out the answer much more quickly.

    I ran iCal Dupe Deleter and it detected over 18,000 dupplicates so I suspect some app on my Android is not working correctly. It's hard to know what as Apple don't complain in their Mac Calendar when you reach the limit and add in new events.

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