How does the iPad display HD iPhone apps?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by scbrain, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Jan 24, 2011
    I have a question about the way that HD iPhone apps show up on the iPad.

    I have a lot of apps for my iPod Touch, and many of my favorites are those tuned for the Retina Display - that is, running at 960*640. I am wondering how they will look if I use them on an iPad 2.

    I understand that older apps for the iPhone/iPod touch, before the HD screen was produced, used to run on the iPad with pixels doubled. This worked, but did not always look perfect.

    But now that the iPhone runs at a similar resolution to the iPad (960*640 for the iPhone, versus 1024*768) - how are the high-definition iPhone apps displayed on the iPad? So they run in a slightly smaller box, but at the correct resolution? Or does the iPad run the low res version and double the pixels?

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    Quality varies. For example Angry Birds looks good enough for me that I did not buy the iPad version. OTOH Lonely Planet travel guides (not sure if they are retina enhanced or not actually) look like garbage in 2x on the iPad.

    Of course if you are a perfectionist then only a true iPad HD version will do. Even with retina enhanced apps you can see pixelization on the iPad in 2x.
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    Aug 23, 2005
    Sadly OP unless you Jailbreak and use a device / app such as 'Retina Pad' - iPhone optimised for Retina look garbage on the iPad as it does not normally allow the retina graphics to kick in, it just displays them as lower res version.

    It's amazing when you use the jailbreak software and see a game running like Real Racing Two the difference Retina mode support makes. It really makes them shine on the iPad.

    Sadly Apple block them from displaying Retina res on the iPad normally, one can only assume it is to make people buy an App Twice.

    It's a bit of a balls really and prob one of the best reasons to jailbreak especially if you have a great selection of iPhone retina display games in your collection that you just do not want to buy again.

    Sadly though if your waiting for iPad 2 it comes with 4.3 iOS which means it will probably be a while before a jailbreak is available sadly.
  4. IcyStorm, Mar 5, 2011
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    However, I do believe there is a Cydia app that allows for viewing iPhone apps with Retina graphics in 2x mode...

    EDIT: Oh wait, the above user just said what I just said -_- sorry.

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