How does the Macbook Air case compare to the Macbook?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by MacFan25863, Aug 7, 2008.

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    Hey all,

    So I'm going in to college in 2 weeks and am looking at my options for laptops. I currently have a Powerbook G4 12in, but I know I want something a little newer/faster for college (plus the PB is on its last legs).

    One thing I hated about my powerbook is the pitting on the palm rests (there are little black holes/dots ALL over) as well as how easy it would bend, especially at the edges.

    Based off the current rumors, the Macbook is going to go to a new aluminum casing (which disappoints me based off my experience with my PBG4). However, it seems that the case will be more similar to the Macbook Air's casing.

    So, my question is, how does the Air handle pitting and denting? Is it any more/less durable than the plastic macbooks? Would you recommend buying my Macbook now so I can have the plastic casing, or waiting until the new version comes out (hopefully in sept.) and hoping the case won't have the durability issues of the powerbooks?

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    Any aluminum computer will dent, but the pitting problems have been pretty much solved I believe. The polycarbonate case of the MacBook has its ups and downs, and does the MacBook Air's aluminum one. The MacBook is durable with many bumps and bangs, however, the casing on the MacBook Air will dent. The upside about the aluminum is that it isn't especially keen to the chipping that can happen on the MacBook.
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    My current MacBook cracked in the bottom right corner of the keyboard surface, and is seen as a common problem with the current generation.

    I'd hold out for the Alu ones in this case (get the joke! case... no, okay then!) as there could be a possible price drop/greater specs/who knows which would make it worth the wait, if you can afford to wait.
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    Hi, I have a MacBook and a MacBook air ( just bought) and I find the airs casing much better than the White plastic of the MacBook. First of my MacBook is yellowing in some places ( not much though ) and the palm rests are beginning to wear and it is under a year old! I've never really banged up my air but I must say it looks a whole lot better than the plastic MacBook.
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    I think the MBA feels a lot more solid (surprisingly) than my MacBook. I know the MBA will dent easier, and that plastic cracks easier, but if you don't drop or throw either laptop, I'd say the MBA's case feels a lot more solid for daily use. The MacBook "feels" about as solid as my MB, my old 12" PB, and a 15" MBP, although I realize that due to the difference between plastic and aluminium, plastic is going to take abuse a bit better (if the laptop designs were identical), just like the old iBooks. However, since the designs of the MB and MBA are different, it factors into the situation, and the MBA feels more solid.

    And yes, the keyboard cover of the MacBook is known to crack easily. Apparently, it depends on how well the LCD lid is aligned with the bottom "half" of the computer. For all you MB users, you can see that there are long protrusions/bumps near the top corners of the LCD screen (sorry, can't find a better way to describe it). If you close the lid too hard, those bumps may eventually crack the edge or corner of the plastic keyboard. The problem is exacerbated if the LCD lid is slightly uneven, since one side of the lid will always hit the palm-rests a bit harder than the other side.

    I've had 2 MacBooks and 3-4 plastic keyboard cover replacements so far. The laptop works flawlessly, and it's a pleasure to use. However, it's still a cosmetic issue.

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