How does the touch screen technology work?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by RumMunkey, Sep 25, 2007.

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    It doesn't appear to be the same as touch screens you see on ATMS or on POS systems at the grocery store.

    It's a hard glass, not a soft clear overlay like the touch screen of my Sony Commander remote. I can't see any sort of sensors or receptors when I look closely at the screen.

    I think it has the potential to be revolutionary. I can see many future applications for this. From everything to in-car entertainment systems to laptops to remote controls, to video game systems, to just about anything else you can imagine.

    What exactly are the mechanics behind the touch screen?
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    Found this on a site about Jeff Han's work. It may be relevant for Apple's touchscreen technology...

    Main page
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    It doesn't rely on pressure, it has a capacitance sensor like the trackpad on a notebook computer, or the clickwheel on an iPod (the wheel, not the clicky buttons.)

    That's why you can't use a stylus with the Touch, like you do with PDA's and some other phones. But of course there are advantages as well (I much prefer the Touch's glass screen, vs. a Palm PDA type screen surface.)

    The capacitance sensor itself, relies on magic.

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