How does this happen - ads showing up?


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Nov 6, 2016
So a couple of days ago I was home searching the internet on my MacBook Pro for certain images to use for a project. Some of the images I found using Google Images took me to when I clicked on Visit Page. Later that day, I was home on my iPod Touch playing a game that occasionally puts up ads and lo and behold there is a ad showing the types of images I was looking at earlier.

I was not logged into anything like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. on either system. The only thing in common was the WiFi used. So how does my iPod know what I was doing on the MB Pro?


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Oct 31, 2007
Austin, TX
I'm on FIOS. Would that service be Verizon?
No, it would be whatever ad service your game uses getting the info from Google probably.

You mentioned a Google search that took you to Shutterstock. When you clicked that link Google said, "Hey, [mac_in_tosh's IP address] likes Shutterstock!"

Then you launched your game, and their ad system (probably Google ads) said, "Hey, it's [mac_in_tosh's IP address] ! Let's serve him up some of those sweet Shutterstock ads. We know he likes those!"

An oversimplification to be sure, but that's basically what's happening. Nothing to be afraid of.
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