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Jan 7, 2009
Sorry to add to another one of these threads. But I hear a lot of conflicting thoughts regarding this.

I looked into building a Hackintosh 2 years ago but never went through (figured a decent MP would be around the corner!).

I do NOT want to spend time maintaining this thing. I would be fine wasting a day of my life building it but I in no way 'enjoy' anything computer science related so having to maintain this I would much rather spend the money on a real MP. That is unless I completely jumped ship and bought a PC.

If I went Hackintosh I would hope to get it up and running and never update -- this could potentially hold me off until a real MP update. What is the best source for todays components for such a machine?

The other option I'm seriously considering is simply going to PC for Adobe use alone and everything Mac related I'll stay on my MPB. I know nothing about PCs. What would a machine cost (compared to what we were expecting before yesterday)?


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Sep 20, 2008
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
So easy you can't believe you were making OS X into a PC. Check out the sites mentioned by maflynn above, they're great resources and will help you choose the perfect hardware to run OS X on.
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