How exactly does buying from carrie on release day work?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Vell843, Sep 14, 2016.

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    For anyone who has waited in line for any iPhone release at a carrier, I plan on doing so on Friday and have a quick question. When the employees start coming out and taking orders for iPhones are they do it like one employee goes down the line and hands out tickets for whatever device/color you want (if they have them in stock of course) or do like 3 employees come out and just start going down the line. What I don't want to happen is I am first in line and say 3 employees come out and the one who helps me is not fast enough to type in there system or what not the phone I want, but the employee is helps the person behind me is and I don't get what I want.
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    Lmfao that's not going to happen - they're gonna go in order, otherwise what on earth would be the point of lining up
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    Once they have a complete inventory of everything, they will usually come outside and go to the first person, ask what size, color, and capacity they want, give them a ticket matching the type they want, They will then -1 of that type off their inventory list and work their way down and so on and so forth.

    some stores will have tickets made up for each type(size, color, capacity) to match the number of phones they have for said type. Like, if they have 10 matte black 128 Gb plus phones they will have 10 tickets that say Matte Black 128 GB Plus on them. They will go through the line one by one handing out tickets to the phone you want, when they run out of tickets for a certain phone, then you would have to either choose a different color, capacity, etc....
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    Now I think about it, you are right Sir!! I have never done the whole wait in line thing at a carrier or any store for that matter and am a little paranoid lol.
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    You get in line and then they dump a bucket of pig's blood on you.

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