How far out were the .1 and .2 updates for Panther & Tiger?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by roland.g, Oct 31, 2007.

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    With all the talk about how this is the 10.5.0 release and that as expected there are bugs, though personally I don't hear as much about bugs as I do just plain criticism of stacks & their icons, lack of nested folders, icons especially for folders, the dock - mainly the UI and not the performance - though there has been some install issues, I was curious as I don't remember how long after 10.3 Panther and 10.4 Tiger were released was it before the 10.x.1 and eventually .2 updates came along?

    And did they actually change any functionality with those updates based on feedback or was it simply bug fixes? Can we realistically expect Apple to address any of the UI issues with stacks and icons and such in a .1 or .2 release?

    Lastly, why didn't any of these issues get reported during the dev. seeding. It seems like we would have heard more about this when the prior builds were being distributed.
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    I'm not sure exactly how long the updates were for Panther, but I remember a little of the Tiger release schedule.

    Tiger came out in late April. When I switch to Mac in October, Tiger was at 10.4.3. In January, when the first Intel Macs were released, Tiger was at 10.4.4. So, that's roughly a point upgrade every 1.75 months.

    So, I expect we'll see 10.5.1 by Macworld (early January) at the latest. Most likely earlier, but Macworld for sure.
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    I suspect we'll see the 10.5.1 release just before a US holiday, as Apple like to get a release out the door before the developers disperse. Thanksgiving is now unlikely, so the week before Christmas (mid-December) is probably a better bet.

    However, I suspect we'll see a couple of smaller updates before then, such as an iMac software update with more reliable 2600 Pro graphics drivers.
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    10.4.0 April 29, 2005
    10.4.1 May 16, 2005
    10.4.2 July 12, 2005
    10.4.3 October 31, 2005 (update retail copy)


    10.3.0 October 24, 2003
    10.3.1 November 10, 2003
    10.3.2 December 17, 2003
    10.3.3 March 15, 2004

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