How far will Mac OS X Go?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by guzhogi, Sep 13, 2006.

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    Just wondering what the highest point upgrade Mac OS X will go to. OS 7 & 8 went to .6 (eg 7.6 ang 8.6, respectively). Will this continue, or will we see Mac OS X 10.13? I know that's a far way into the future, but a guy can wonder.
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    check out the other millions of threads on this?
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    This has been discussed numerous times here, and it all comes down to the fact that nobody knows. It's tough to compare OS X to earlier versions, since a point release of OS X is more like a full release of a pre-OS X version.

    Steve has said that OS X is good for 10-20 years (he said it several years ago, so subtract a few from that number), so it's a matter of when they get tired of the OS X moniker or there's a significant leap forward in the design. When that will be, nobody really knows. I doubt the visionaries at Apple even have a firm idea.
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    it will change when windows makes a tight security coded good o/s
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    i'd sooner imagine MS buying Apple Computer and repackaging OS X as Vista III...
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    it depends on how revolutionary the BSD/Unix system will go in the next several years. Of course, if apple want, they can do whatever name-gaming they want, but real breakthrough is still depends on BSD/Unix's development.
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    Hard to say of course, but new types of hardware and networks will have an impact on the need for traditional personal computer and its OS as well.
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    God really. :(

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