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Jul 5, 2012
I was looking at getting my Dad a new Mac to replace his Mid 2010 21" iMac. He does occasionally play some games, and his main comment is how slow games are running now, and was wondering what the best route to go would be.

1) Mac Mini + Thunderbolt eGPU

I would like to go with this method, as it allows me to attach a good GPU to the Mac and not have to worry about it overheating, in addition to being able to easily upgrade the Mac Mini or graphics card in the future, and not having to worry about the limitations of an integrated GPU.

2) 5K iMac

This would be much easier, and potentially cheaper, but I'm not sure if it would suit my dad. He currently has a 21" iMac, and I think it might be a big step up.

Am I crazy for thinking of going with the Mac Mini and an external GPU? What are your guy's opinions on the matter?


Oct 10, 2013
It is theoretically possible to run a tb egpu.

However this is not recommended.
For playing video games get a gaming pc!
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Jun 16, 2013
Why for gaming don't you buy a console? A ps4 for Black Friday or a Wii U?
If you like Nintendo the latter is a great choice! The ps4 is for cross platform games and some nice exclusives ( my father likes uncharted for example...)
Mac mini+ console would be a great combo....
If the iMac has a thunderbolt 3 In future you would be able to run this like a pretty cool monitor, but Apple is very greedy nowadays...
So my suggestion is to go with the little brother and a great console, maybe add a Bigger tv: under the retina 5k budget
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