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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by peteb2, Apr 7, 2015.

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    May 29, 2009
    On my two year old MacBook Pro, i began having problems with Keychain and various passwords always being called for on either my iPhone and iPad. Searching the issue it was decided best to trash the current Keychain folder and start again (via the MacBook)...

    This went without hassle but why upon reflection (and more importantly how) was i silly enough to begin filling in the requirements of email address and password to sign up to what i have discovered now (and in hindsight) is a trial offer for JustCloud???? The sneaky thing even looked like a restyled version of iCloud which i might add is already doing a sterling service for all my needs...

    As my computer suddenly began transferring off its copied files to JustCloud i finally woke up to what was happening and cancelled out as quick i could... There's been a virtual email storm to plead i continue with the trial but i have used used CleanMyMac2 to do its best and uninstall as many traces of JustCloud as possible.

    I am not interested or want and and i don't know JustCloud from a bar of soap and i do not need another Cloud based storage place i have to pay money to when i already have one...

    OK i know i should have been far more aware of what i was up to in hindsight but having never done a Keychain 'startup' i didn't know what to expect and it all sort of did look like iCloud so i was a right sucker.

    So in all this is that i am warning others of this kind of thing happening and my other question is how on earth did the action of re-doing Keychain also trip off the offer of JustCloud... Is my machine harbouring Malaware stuff some place?

    While i am here i'm not being dismissive of JustCloud in any way. For all i know it's probably really good but i do not need it end of story....

    As always, any input and advice really appreciated... ;)
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    Feb 5, 2011
    The first (and perhaps only) reason I can see JustCloud being justified is if you have a mix of Windows and Mac devices, and even more so a mix of those and Android or iOS. If you just have Apple stuff, then there's no need for it, and you were right in not using it anymore.

    Can't comment much about the malware bit. Possible? Yes. Definite? Hard to say.

    JustCloud does appear to be legit. Although I don't agree with their usage of that cloud logo, as it looks just conspicuously enough like Apple's logo for iCloud ... enough to trick people into possibly thinking it is Apple's service, and that to me is shady. As a matter of principle, I don't like giving my business to companies that appear to be shady.

    It's also interesting how the title of their website in the title bar of my web browser says, "Cloud Storage From Just Cloud. Free Online Storage," and then you see this after digging around on their site:

    That ain't "free".

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