How frelled is my friend's pbook?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by robbents99, Jun 17, 2006.

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    Long story short, my co-hort in crime was halfway thru a render in Poser 6 when the beachball of doom appeared and pbook stopped responding.

    He restarted it got the start up screen got through the Mac OS Bar Screen and it quickly goes to a blue screen then gets what sounds like a kernal panic screen of sorts with text and such.

    I haven't been to his house to attempt to fix it yet so that's all the info I have, since my HD on my pbook died a month ago it sounds like his did too, maybe, my first thought is he probably pushed the computer too hard thru that render.

    I'm going over today with a portable firewire drive with a bootable copy of my HD to see how frelled he is, bringing a copy of OS X to run disk utility and printed out how to zap the pram and target firewire disc mode for the portable firewire drive.

    My question to everyone out there:

    With the limited info I've given you (I'll provide better next time, honest), is there anything else I need besides and old and young priest to make his gear work again? ;)
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    If his HD is dead, you (or he) will need a new one. Mine died a few days ago, but I just ordered a new one of, installed it and I was ready to go (after I installed Mac OS X and all my stuff agian :p ) Also, try booting it in verbose mode (hold down command-v at start up) or single user mode, which is kinda scary because it is raw unix (hold down command-s at startup) The only thing I recomend doing in single user mode is typing: fsck -fy if it says your ok, then it could be an app messing up, if not, then the drive is toast. There is also safe boot, (hold the sift key at startup) It disables all external extentions and just boots the needed OS files. That was long wasn't it ;)
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    Sounds like you've got all the right things and are going to try all the good stuff to get it going again. FWIW, a failing hard drive doesn't normally act in this way, but that doesn't rule it out as your problem.

    Tell us how it goes. :)
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    If he has installed Extra Ram in the Machine dont count out the Possibility of the RAM going Bad.
    If you find that it isnt the Hard drive take out the RAM Chips one at a Time and Work with it that way.

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