How "future proof" is the new iMac?


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Jul 11, 2007
I was wondering how "future proof" the imac is. I never play games on computers, but I do enjoy video editing, and will eventually be editing in HD. I was wondering if I buy a new imac with 2GB of memory, 2.8 ghz processor, and a 500gb hard drive, how will it hold up to the future. Right now I'm a PC user and upgrade every so often...but with the imac this is impossible...will I be going crazy in a few years wishing to upgrade my parts? How long will this computer last me?


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No computer is future proof. *1

Every computer is future proof. *2

The iMac, like a laptop, is not a great candidate for a user who anticipates doing rolling upgrades ... that is continually replacing hard drives, CPUs, motherboards, video cards and other interface cards.

*1) Every computer made will be superseded by newer faster and cheaper models, and will be obsoleted by new versions of operating systems and application software that have higher hardware demands.

How long it will be before you have the urge to ask it to run software that it wasn't designed for is up to you, and is pretty much unpredictable.

*2) Any computer, if you freeze the operating system and software at today's levels, will perform those functions in 5 years just as well as today. Just don't expect it to do anything new and different, and don't compare it with the capabilities of newly released machines.


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Apr 18, 2003
Bear in mind the only things you'll be able to upgrade on the iMac are adding more ram or a larger internal hard drive. The current iMac should be a capable machine for video editing, but if you want the options of expandability, consider the Mac Pro.


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Aug 6, 2006
it will be future proof for 2 years, it will be good enough for 4~5 years,

You will never stay at the top of computer hardwares for more than 6 months. and You will never stay at the top of computer hardwares with an iMac.