How get Smart Typer running in OS X Mavericks

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    Mar 2, 2014
    Smart Typer (available on the Mac App Store) is the leading and most affordable text expander for Mac, allowing you to create simple shortcuts that, when entered, expand into predefined phrases (e.g. "brp" for "Best regards, Paul" or "eml" for your email address).

    OS X treats Smart Typer as an Assistive Device. In order to get it working on your Mac, first quit Smart Typer. Then, open System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy. Select Accessibility in the list on the left side, and drag Smart Typer into the list on the right side from the Applications folder. You might have to open the padlock in the lower left corner to make changes to these settings.

    You should now be able run Smart Typer on your Mac. Remember, shortcuts are executed after you hit space!

    Also, shout out TekRevue for your helpful post – thanks a lot!

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    Sep 8, 2014
    smart typer won't show in accessibility

    I just bought a new imac, and bought smart typer.
    It worked at the first time I started, but now it does not.
    I can not drag the smart typer app to accessibility (shows a cloud and it disappears).
    Now I can not use it anymore.

    please help

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