How has Apple traditionally sold the last gen product?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by marine610610, Apr 27, 2009.

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    Basically im holding out for the new iPhone come June/July. If it does come out and i don't care for it, or the 3G takes a good dive in price, i may just opt for a 3G instead of the new one.

    I don't remember, so im asking here. How long after the 3G came out could you still get a 1st gen, or could you even get a new one from Apple at that point?
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    First gens were sold out approx 90 days before the 3G came out. Apple stopped making them. There were some random AT&T stores that had them, but they were very hard to find. And they didn't drop in price, they stayed the same price. At WWDC Jobs said that they ran out and had none left, and many stores had zero stock since mid-May.

    Apple typically stops selling a model of just about any product when it is replaced. They'll sell off the overstock to 3rd party resellers and keep a bunch on-hand as replacements and service models.
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    iPhones ran out last year since nobody would buy a $400 EDGE phone when you could get a $200 3G phone. This year may be different since the upgrade isn't as big, but AT&T now has 16GB refurbs for $149, which is $50 less than they were a few weeks ago. If you want a deal, snatch one of those. If you need the newest and bestest, wait a few months.

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