How have you been using your Apple Watch?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by respectabilia, May 6, 2015.

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    Oct 24, 2010
    Now that I've started my work week and I've been doing more things on the move, I've realised there's still a lot more to the Apple Watch day to day. Below are some experiences:

    - I used it to log cycle rides to and from work, manually starting it as a workout with an open goal. Helps to log it as an exercise to add towards my daily exercise target.
    - I used it when drinking water at the sink after washing dishes. With my hands wet, I got a message back and usually, I'd never touch my phone with wet hands or near water. With the Apple Watch being water proof however, I dictated a brief response and sent it easily.
    - I used Dark Sky to tell me about expected rain I the evening before going out for an appointment.
    - I used it to help me with commute directions using CityMapper. I saved a journey on the iPhone before I left and pulled up CityMapper when on the move to know what the next step in the journey was, which train and platform to go to and when to expect the train to arrive, etc. Excellent stuff.
    - I used it to help me with walking directions once off the train. This was actually brilliant as I was with my wife and it helped me take directions without using my phone (previously, I used to pull the phone out of my pocket every few moments to check the status of the directions - quite disruptive). We walked and talked and, from time to time, the watch tapped me right before the turn and I simply walked to my destination. Worked brilliantly.
    - I switched to the modular face for a children's football tournament with the timer taking the centre slot of the watch face. While the rest of the referees had to carry the classic stopwatch around their necks, I simply set the timer to 5 minutes and it tapped me when the game was over.
    - During work (where mobile phones aren't allowed), my wife sent me a quick message and I wanted to respond to her. I simply sent her a heart and smiley face emoji and returned to work.
    - At the gym, I completed a brief jog workout, then weight training (as 'other workout' on the Apple watch), then the stepper. The Watch was tracking my heart rate for over an hour and displayed some useful metrics for me in the activity app.
    - I used the Overcast app to play podcasts while at the gym and select/navigate through them.

    There were plenty of pain points however, and much of the above wasn't always smooth. I'll be saving those for a separate thread I think.

    I think as we use the Apple Watch more, we'll find small ways it adds to the day. Note that these are small occurrences throughout the day, but nevertheless useful.

    How have you guys been using your Apple Watch (if you've been fortunate enough to receive your's of course!)?
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    Apr 20, 2015
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    I have been using mine in many of the same ways.

    -Timer for kids soccer games. I like to know how much time remains in the half.
    -Activity tracker for health and fitness. Cycle and cardio workouts.
    -Watch, its nice to have it available vs pulling my phone out. Regular watch will do this but you can't geek out and match the second hand color with what you're wearing on a standard watch
    -Notifications - So nice being able to take a quick look and either move on or send a quick reply.
    -Weather. Like you I use several apps and like the quick access with a complication.

    Many of the things you have been doing. I am impressed with version 1.0 and can't imagine what it will be like a few versions from now. Glad to be getting in on the ground floor.
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    I've been using mine to send text messages, track activity, check email, decline calls while I am at work, and time exercises.
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    Oct 24, 2010

    Yes, also the timer and stopwatch functions. These all existed before but compared to the customisable, powerful and *modern* implementations in the Apple Watch, they look really outdated.
  6. respectabilia thread starter macrumors regular

    Oct 24, 2010
    I've been using it for groceries using the Bring! app. Very handy. Saves me having to pull out my phone every few moments to update/check the groceries list with my hands full.

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