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    #1 over the course of the last year? 3 years? 5? 10??

    Earlier while I was doing my usual nothing at all, I starting thinking about how I have really changed from when I was just a couple years younger. This is typical of someone my age, of course, (21 on Jan 24th) but it is interesting anyways.

    This got me thinking about how other people have changed, so I figured I'd make a thread. Sorry if a similar one exists already.

    That said, this can be any type of change (physical, personality, lifestyle, relationship status, etc) over any time period, but please specify.

    I'll start.

    In the past year:

    • The biggest change here is definitely moving out of my parents house and into a 1 bedroom attached condo with my girlfriend. It's been almost a year and this still feels like our new place. Very excited about this even today. :)

    • This past year, I've also noticed a big physical change - baldness. I've made a thread about this already, so I won't go into detail, but let's just say it's pretty lame and I don't look fantastic by any stretch of the imagination. For those interested, I buzzed it mostly off today (#2 if that means anything to anyone) and it looks... different. It didn't help that I did a piss poor job. :p

    In the past 3 years:

    • 18 months ago I became a Mac user. I know this because this month is the last month of my interest-free promotional period on my PowerBook purchase from CompUSA. :D

    • Also in the past few years I have matured more than I thought possible. I went from having a new girlfriend every week to basically settling down with someone and I couldn't be happier. I've learned to save my money for the things that matter and am glad I did (living on your own is expensive - why didn't anyone warn me!!?!?) ;)

    • I've also really learned to be happy with what you have, and accept life for what it is instead of being a miserable prick like to many people in my life. I'm glad I'm not turning into them (and I'm not referring to my parents, just so everyone knows).

    In the past 5 years:

    • My attitude. Definitely my attitude. I when I was mid-teens, I was the biggest ******* to everyone. Nothing ever made me happy and nothing was too good to complain about. I can't say exactly what caused this change but I'm definitely glad it happened. I've lost too many friends and got in too many fights - definitely wasn't heading anywhere good.

    • My bank account balance. Big change there. I'm not wealthy by any means, but going back to learning to save my money, I'm definitely better off now financially then back then. Of course, someone my age should have more money than someone just learning to drive, but most of my friends are broke as a joke and I'm glad I'm not. :D

    • Unfortunately, my work ethic has also changed - for the worse. I'm not lazy by any means, if there's money to be made doing something, I'm there no matter how difficult. I just can't seem to really stick with anything, the only thing that doesn't fail to continue to capture my interest each day is computers and technology as a whole. I don't want to go to college or anything, but I wish I wanted to get up and do something. I just don't. At least I'm happy, though, which is more than most workaholics can say. :)

    Some things that haven't changed:

    • My sense of humor. I'm constantly joking around (my teachers loved this about me ;) ) and refuse to take anything seriously unless there is no choice but to. I just never saw the point of being a hardass with a serious look on my face all day. Even when my attitude wasn't great, I always loved to laugh and I always will (apologies to those to whom my laughing was at their expense - I couldn't help it, it was funny!).

    • My morals. I may not have always been the best person, but I've always believed in honestly and respect. This doesn't mean I've always been honest and respectful when I should've been, but I've always tried and was able to be when it truly mattered.

    • My height. I've been 5'6 1/2 since I was 14 and I was hoping I'd be a little taller when I turned 21. Nope. No late-teens growth spurt for me. Was 5'8" asking so much? Really?

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    In the past 10 years I've grown several feet and have learned to write words more than 5 letters long. My vocabulary has probably expanded tenfold and I know how to use a computer better. :D
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    I accidentally my whole location.
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    I'm guessing two? :p

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