How I beat the iPhone 4 mad rush

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by BeyondtheTech, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Now that the initial launch day has come and gone, I figure it would be a little more "safe" to explain how I was able to obtain two iPhone 4's on launch day without waiting on a walk-in or reservation line. I hope this doesn't get anyone too upset, especially if you got shafted on launch day because you weren't able to pick up one, even though you waited all day or something.

    It all started when I preordered two iPhone 4's and it was delivered to my house the day before the launch. All was well, it seemed, except one wouldn't open the shutter when I launched the Camera app. I performed a full restore and still, no dice. It froze up in preview, or when it switched from front to back, or wouldn't even open the shutter animation.

    I remembered I made two spare reservations at the local Apple store. But as I stated in another thread, I would try to make someone happy by pulling them off the walk-in line and give them my reservation, or perhaps I would have to use one for an exchange on the defective iPhone 4.

    Turns out, when I got to the mall that evening around 8:00PM, that idea was scrapped. There were two humongous lines, one for reserves and one for walk-ins. The end of the reservation line had an estimated wait time of a whopping 2-3 hours, and the mall security said they would allow sales to continue until midnight, or when they decided to cut the reservation line.

    I placed my younger brother at the end of that line and walked to the front of the store. I was quickly stopped by security and Apple employees who stated that they're only taking in people for iPhone 4 sales. No accessories, no other products, that's it. I told them I already had my iPhone 4 but was having an issue with it. They paused for a moment, then told me I could head to Genius Bar inside for a walk-in appointment. My wife and I strolled on in with our kids in tow.

    I figured walk-in appointments for the Genius Bar would be equally swamped, but there was no wait time at all. I proceeded to show a Genius rep my iPhone 4 predicament and within minutes, she began the swap out for a new warranty replacement.

    As I looked around the inside of the store, I saw other customers getting their iPhone 4's and all the Apple staff bustling around. I thought it over a quick second... I'm actually here, in the store, but no one else except the Genius rep and the Greeters know why. I pulled a manager aside and nonchalantly said, "Hey, while I'm still here, do you think I could get another iPhone 4? Actually, make that two." He responded, "Ya, sure! Let me get this guy over to you as soon as he's done with that customer."

    The Specialist calmly rang us up for two more iPhone 4's and we had a brief exchange of small talk and funny anecdotes. I checked out of the store in about 20 minutes' time, grabbed my brother who was still on the reservation line, and we left the area. I felt bad about leaving the two spare reservations behind, but the crowd was so intense, the best option was to just leave at that point.
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    Wow, I beat the mad rush too. I pre-ordered and they delivered to my office the morning of launch day. :D
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    While it's nice to hear that some people had good experiences obtaining iPhone 4's on launch day, I'm puzzled as to why you shared this.

    Why is it "safe" now? Did members threaten to beat up anyone who had an easy time getting iPhone 4's on launch day before today?

    More importantly, does your story actually help anyone here or serve any purpose aside from sharing what happened during your 20-minute-long Apple store excursion?
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    So you are telling people to lie to cut lines?
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    sorry to disappoint you, but you werent the only one who beat the mad rush... but nonetheless, cool story bro ;)
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    You didn't do anything wrong. I mean, maybe reserving 2 phones and ordering two was a bit... fanatical... but, otherwise? You told the truth. Your phone was having problems. They let you into the store to get it fixed. You asked if you could purchase a couple more phones while you were there. The sales associates let you.

    I'm surprised they let you do that, unless you told them you had a couple reservations.

    Anyway, you didn't like, bribe the security guard. I think you're safe. ;)

    p.s. On the launch day for the 1st gen? I just wandered into the store about 8:30 that night. The lines were already gone. So, we bought a couple phones, walked out. Easy peasy, mac n cheesy. Stuff like that sorta happens sometimes. :)
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    Looks like you wanted the iphone more than anybody else and planned it days ahead of launch.

    I forgot about the fact that it was the launch day, I remembered about 5 pm and decided to call o2 (my current contract service provider)

    I asked about the iphone and he said we can do an early upgrade so I siad yeah lets go for it, 5 minutes later I had my tarrif sorted and my phone would be sent out today. I got it in the post by Friday, didnt even have to leave my house
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    this ^

    and I would hate to be your younger brother :D
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    You guys actually read all that? :rolleyes:

    How I beat the mad rush: pre-ordered iPhone 4 at local store. Called to make sure I would get it on launch day. Received non-committal BS from staff. Implied that they would regret it if there wasn't a phone for me on launch day. Voilà! Got my phone.
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    Anything that long that does not improve fellow readers iPhone experience needs a publisher, or at the very least it's own blog.
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    It will never be safe. I know a guy who knows a guy.
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    i beat the rush too. i waited till last week. no lines.

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