How I discovered Apple's consumer bubble

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    I wanted to share my story of how I came to Apple devices.
    As of now, I own iPhone 5s, MacBook Air, iMac, and iPad 2 (soon to be replaced with iPad Air).
    It all begun back in 2009 when my old MP3 player broke. I was looking for a new one and the guy at the retail store said, an iPod touch had very nice features such as games, an integrated speaker, Internet access, etc. He convinced me to get one and I really liked it. Until I saw the iPad. In late 2011, I was about to order an iPad 2 - just because I already knew how well the iPod touch worked. Again, I was fascinated when I unwrapped it on Jan 2, 2012 - used it as my primary working, internet and gaming device. iPad 3 didn't bother me much as I hadn't ever seen a Retina display.
    Later that year, as you might guess - my Samsung "Star II" S52.. whatsoever went blank - white display, that was it. So I was looking for a new phone but didn't want a contract as they were all 55€ + per month (I think that equals 70-80$ +). I ended up asking myself why I didn't go for a cheap Android phone, which had all the features I needed, but instead bought a used iPhone 4... for 350$. Then, suddenly, I discovered the Mac. And BOOM I saw all the advantages of iMac over Tower PCs. (A Windows All-in-one PC wasn't even considered.) I was in Apple fever and new phones, tablets, computers I bought had and have to be from Apple.
    After becoming more flexible (I got another job), I frequently went to places by train for work. Now I thought, I could finally finish my work on the go, or create documents for later, so I'd be more time efficient. At this point, iCloud had already caught me. I know about privacy issues etc. but I organized my life through OS X & iOS calendar, contacts, notes & reminder apps. I was very happy with that - so again, to get all my stuff on my laptop - without thinking about it - it had to be a MacBook. No compromise. And, for portability's sake, I went with the 11" MacBook Air. Money didn't prevent me from buying me anymore, because I earned more of it - so I got an Apple TV and a new flat screen TV, photo stream included. In September, I knew I was going to get an iPhone 5s. I got it.
    And here I am - starting with an iPod touch, step by step the Apple "bubble" ecosystem has caught me, and I can't exit it, but maybe I just can't do so because I don't want to. iCloud, iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, I daily use all of them. I have become an Apple fanboy reading many Apple blogs and so on. Maybe this is a bit extreme, but that's my story, and I wanted to share it. Thanks for reading!
    How did you discover Apple's product ecosystem?
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    I was bought an iPod. Back in them days though, you needed a Mac to use one, so I had to borrow my Dad's. I eventually got my own G4.
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    I worked on a G4 back in the 2K era for large format printing
    apple back then was still breaking out and the ipod tsunami had not reached greece yet

    admittedly, apple sucked me in it's ecosystem with the first gen ipod nano which I laid eyes on it for the first time on a table. I picked it up, played with it for about 5 minutes, next morning before work, I bought one. Then I bought a second one just to be sure I had a backup one (...)

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