how i got: PowerMac--PC--Xbox360 Video ,to work

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    Apr 8, 2004
    How I got my Power Mac to encode and pump out my movies to my Xbox 360
    GOAL : to use Power Mac as a media server Via PC , to the Xbox 360

    Step 1 : setup MCE05 on PC
    Step 2 : Set up 360 to work with PC
    Step 3 : Map Network Drive from Mac to PC (\\\liketom\movies)
    Step 4 : convert video’s (avi/Mov/mp4 ect) to Mpeg-2 with MPEG2 Works 4
    Step 5 : open Mac network on PC in 1 window
    Step 6 : create new folder in \liketom\movies\ called Xbox
    Step 7 : Drag the Xbox folder to My Video window
    Step 8 : on your Mac drop any converted MPEG-2 or WMV videos into the Xbox folder
    Step 9 : Test the Xbox 360

    What works for me : I have series 4 of 24 that I have converted from DVD into MPEG-2 each episode comes in at around the 500MB mark which for me is fine for streaming over WiFi
    Converting the Apple+Intel advert to MPEG-2 and displaying on Xbox 360 looks like the real deal

    So until a solution come for video from the Mac to Xbox360 via WiFi this works fine for me , I understand most people do not have MCE05 but if you do and you want a quick easy way from your Mac to your PC to your Xbox then this is ideal for MPEG2 Works
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    Aug 23, 2005

    All that time, effort and setup (2 computers + 360)... Is it not just simpler to play the Series 24 DVD collection directly in your 360 rather than having to go to such a convoluted procedure, using up loads of HD space not to mention time and energy?

    I gave up with MCE2005 and Xbox 360 for that very reason...

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