How important are multiple displayports on a GPU?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by addink, Oct 13, 2015.

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    So I'm finally taking the plunge and upgrading my 5,1 Mac Pro's video card and I've been looking at the GTX 970 in order to also upgrade to an UHD monitor. While there are faster ones out there, the EVGA models seem to play nice with Macs so I'm trying to decide on what will be the most stable in the long run.

    From what I've read, sticking to 2 6-pin connections seems like the safest way to go but that seems to limit me to cards with a single display port (like this one) Other options are a bit faster, cheaper, and offer 3 display ports (for multiple 4k monitors in the future) but require a 6-pin and 8-pin connection. I know people have successfully adapted their power outputs to make this work but perhaps at the risk of stability. Does anyone have a feeling on the best course of action? More output options but trickier power supply or simpler power and only one high resolution output. Thanks!
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    I just installed an Asus 4GiB GTX 960 ( on my home Xeon system - the Quadro K600 that it came with didn't have a second DP output for my new second Dell P2715 4K monitor.

    The Asus card has three DP, an HDMI and a DVI-I connector.

    I could have bought cheaper cards with only two DP - but why limit your options to save a few dollars? Three DP outputs was my minimum for my home system.

    At work, we're putting dual 4K monitors on every desk, and getting the Quadros with four mDP outputs.
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    I wasn't really looking at the 960s because I'd like something that will last a little longer, but how does the 4GB 960 compare to the 4GB 970s? And for what it's worth, I heard that EVGA is a bit quieter and more stable for Macs but I could be wrong.

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