How is iOS 10 really? And is it worth it?...


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So I am still on the fence about updating my iPad Mini 4, Pro 9.7", and Pro 12.9"
I am curious if anyone could share some experiences with iOS 10 on an iPad. Does it lag or slow any of the iPads down, is the new home button lock screen feature a pain, or something that is workable, (I worry about the life of my home button being diminished by that feature.)
Again what are your thoughts about the whole update,.... and if I upgraded to iOS 10, does it cause problems with the iPads I listed?
Thanks to anyone for any help. :)


now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
There's lots of threads about 10.
Personally, I see no compelling feature in 10 and lots of downsides. Many people have gone to 10, then back to 9 cuz they didn't like it. Since you can't do that anymore, it seems to me that if your device is working to your satisfaction now, it seems risky to go to 10. I'm perfectly happy w 9.3.5, and will never update these devices again.

IMO, new OSes are best delegated to new devices. If you constantly follow the OS upgrade path, it will eventually make your device unbearably slow.
This has been true since forever.


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Sep 18, 2016
I have no issues with 10 on my 6s and 7 (I know it's the default iOS).

The problems are there. Mostly cellular issues with Verizon. Just search these boards and see for yourself. People say that it makes 5s run better.