How is Siris updated ? Is it always updated or what is there - is there?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bobright, Nov 18, 2011.

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    It is very interesting
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    Siri lives on a server which is updated via the will of Apple. There is no Siri in your 4S.
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    Mar 18, 2009
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    ...and the 5.0.1 iOS update reportedly improved speech recognition in Australia. Because of that, I suspect that voice audio may be converted to a data file on the iPhone, than that data is sent to Apple's servers for interpretation and response. Just a theory though.
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    That's About Right

    Here in the UK, we don't yet have the functionality that is available in the US....Siri understands how to send text's email etc, make appointments and call numbers from the address book.

    Also does the local and UK national weather, but the take away's restaurants and Movie listings are not yet available. As posted above, this information is held on Apple's servers, and accessed via voice command on the 4S. When Apple add more information, siri will respond with it. For now siri simply says "I am not yet able to access that information in the UK"
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    In a nutshell: The iPhone seems to do the following internally for SIRI:

    - Access your address book, calendar, contacts, reminders, etc.
    - Does audio capture and probably some of the basic speech recognition, equivalent to what is done on the iPhone 4.

    If the phone needs to access any external source for your answer, then it goes to the cloud for that. This includes:

    - Movie listings, locations of things, weather, stock quotes, directions
    - Math Problems, Wolfram Alpha stuff, Yelp reviews
    - Witty joke responses
    - Any situation where the phone can't figure out what you're asking it.

    It does seem like SIRI hits the cloud for nearly every request though, and then the request gets bounced back if it's determined that the information it needs is on your phone. Or, it could be accessing iCloud to get what it needs. THough, I have used it to set appointments on my calendar that it placed on my non-iCloud, work-based Zimbra calendar.
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    Dec 29, 2007
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    Siri needs the network for everything. All the vocal breakdown is done on Apple's servers. Everything is processed there. That's the one weakness of Siri as compared to Apple's previous iterations of voice control.
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    Siri learns each and every time you use it op. if a mistake is made and you correct that Siri learns. It'll grow legs soon! Matrix here we come!!

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