How is the Palm T|X for web browsing?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by JaxMac, Sep 24, 2007.

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    Apr 12, 2004

    Can you recommend a PDA to me?

    I'm thinking of getting a Palm TX but I've heard as an MP3 player, it's pretty terrible. It's also a bit old (1.5 years) since Palm has been focusing on the Treo's and has neglected their other PDA's.

    How is the Palm TX for web browsing compared to the iPod Touch? I realize you can't zoom in. But can it read most websites?

    How is the Palm TX's wifi hardware/software?


    EDIT: Sorry... I think I posted in the wrong forum. I never noticed that "Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion" was under "Apple Hardware". Sorry!
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    Jan 10, 2006
    My wife has a palm T/X and I wouldn't recommend it for regular web browsing. Not bad but I think the ipod would be much better. Blazer is not the best browser. Palm is good at entering contacts.

    I would rather use the ipod touch as a PDA. Only problem is not being able to enter calendar events. However, you could enter them on google calendar and use a program called Spanning Sync to sync those with ical at home and on your ipod. That program does cost $,however. IMHO apple will fix this eventually but that may just be hopeful thinking.

    I would never use the T/X for comparison there
  3. sct100 macrumors newbie

    Sep 25, 2007
    I bought the Palm TX when my beloved Palm Tungsten C died. I was not at all happy with the web browsing and went back to the Tungsten C (introduced in 2003, I believe). The Tungsten C is faster (it has a 400 MHz processor, the fastest yet of all Palm devices, including the latest smartphones, which run at 333 MHz) and it has a stronger Wifi radio. It screams when browsing and, since it has a thumb board (like the Treos), it is ideal for me for replying to email and performing other text functions.

    I am an attorney and use the TC for legal research from time to time. It works so well that I have bought several broken TCs, built my current model from parts, and have parts for later, if needed. Palm no longer makes it but you can find a good one for a reasonable price on eBay (no I am not selling one). Avoid the Palm Tungsten W, which looks like the C and some assume it is a C with telephony. It is not. To accommodate the telephone and the battery drain problems it causes, Palm installed a dumbed-down OS on the Tungsten W and a much slower processor. (The C runs Palm OS 5 and I can use it all day, including with Wifi, without running out of juice.) I am a true-believer in the C (I have had one and have used it daily, extensively, since 2004) and wish Palm would make an updated version with the TC thumb board but without the smartphone, for which I have no current need. I have a TX in a drawer, next to a Tungsten W that I also built from parts before realizing that it is not a TC with telephony.

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