How is this possible?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by DudeMartin, May 21, 2011.

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    Hello everyone.

    I'll get straight to the point. Every day or so I play a game. I also have a lot of my friends that play this game. My friends and I all live within 5 miles of each other.

    Recently (within 2 months of so), every one of my friends were hacked on the game simultaneously. This is event baffled all of us, especially me because I am the most tech savvy of them all and I knew that they were not the kind of people that would click on random links and download viruses. Well, we thought it was the end of it.

    Now, today, I was talking to my friend on Skype and he says that he was hacked again. My friend recovers the password and we thought it was the end of it, again. I then go and take a shower. As I return to my computer within 15 minutes of leaving it, my friend calls me again. He said that he was hacked AGAIN, even though he changed his password 15 minutes ago. Then, I go on and I found out that I was hacked as well! Also, another one of my friends was hacked twice within this week.

    Now what I don't understand is that the game has a Bank PIN system, a series of buttons you have to press on a screen ( so it cannot be keylogged ) to gain access to one's bank within the game. When we were all hacked, our banks were accessed. This means that somebody must have known our game bank PINs, even though they are impossible to key log.

    Perhaps the craziest part of this is that: we all get hacked at the same time (within 30 minutes, three people) and we do not download viruses / accept phish emails / download things from instant messenger conversations / etc.

    How is this possible? How do three people get hacked on a game within 30 minutes multiple times, especially when none of us tend to download any viruses/keyloggers/malware. I scanned my computer three times (after the hack) with three different anti-virus programs - no problems came up.

    I am the only one using a Macintosh out of my friends.
    Can any of you guys provide input upon this issue?
    My brother suggests that I should just reinstall the OS, but I doubt it'll work.

    Thanks a ton in advance guys!
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  4. munkery macrumors 68020


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    Was it only data in relation to the game that was hacked?

    If so, it was most likely the game's server that was being hacked and not your individual systems.

    I suspect this is the case given the simultaneity of the occurrence of the hacks.

    What game is it?
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    If you were going to do that you'd have a thread title that gave readers a clue what your post was about.

    You'd also mention what the game was in that thread title.

    You'd also say what "hacked" meant in the context of this game. Maybe its obvious from the game, maybe its not.

    If this seems pernickety, imagine if all the thread titles here were along teh lines of
    Help !!
    Whats this??
    Please help me ??!!
    How is this possible ?
    Why did this happen????


    See my point ??

    OTOH if your title said (For example) "Princess Zelda and Her Ponies game repeatedly hacked" then you'd perhaps catch the eyes of an expert or someone who knows about that.
  6. patp Guest

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    what game? what leads you to think you were hacked?

    define hacked.
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    The game is RuneScape. Hacked as in the contents of your game account are gone. As far as I can tell, no other personal information was stolen (e-mail accounts, etc) - so it was only the game.
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    I suggest you google "runescape accounts wiped" there are many hits there.

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