How itunes imports existing files?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by fstigre, Jan 5, 2010.

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    I'm trying to understand how itunes imports files and where it puts them. Does itunes duplicate existing files when your first install it?

    In other words if I have some songs and videos in my computer and I install itunes, I know it will search for files during the installation and add them to the itunes library so, here is where my question comes, does itunes copies the files it finds to the itunes library and leave the exiting files in its original location or it moves them to a new location?

    I'm just trying to understand how itunes imports and stores files and where it puts them.

    Can someone explain this a little bit or direct me to where I can find the information?

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    When you first start iTunes, you get the option (option - you can choose yes or no) to let iTunes scan your computer (and any external HDDs that are currently connected) for any music file it can read (.mp3, .aac, ...) and then import (in other words copy) it into the iTunes library (Macintosh HD > Users > YOU > Music > iTunes).

    With no further modification in the iTunes Preferences, any music that get's opened with iTunes (double clicking it in Finder, dragging it onto iTunes, using CMD+O in iTunes or any other way) is copied (the original file stays where it was, the copy is saved (copied) in (to) Macintosh HD > Users > YOU > Music > iTunes).

    You can deselect that function though in iTunes Preferences.

    Then, as the screenshot states, no music is copied to the aforementioned folder and iTunes accesses the music directly from where it was opened from.
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    First of all thank you for your reply!

    1-Is there a way to know where the original files are receding?

    2-Can I change the default path to something else (user/name/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music)?

    3-What's the best way to manage your music, leave this option checked (Copy files to iTunes...) and let itunes copy all your music to the default folder and than delete the originals (or leave the two files, originals and copies) or you simply unchecked this option and add your music manually?


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