How long after Santa Rosa?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Mr. Burns, Mar 27, 2007.

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    Mar 22, 2007
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    I'm interested in the next iMac update. My assumption is that it will use Santa Rosa in a possible redesign/simple upgrade (unless that redesign accounts for cooling a faster processor?)? How long after the announced May release of Santa Rosa will it take to incorporate into an iMac, or MB/MBP/Mini for that matter? Seems like those announcements could be made concurrent or slightly trailing Intel's release to ship near WWDC. Or does that not matter? I've also read that it could be summer (mid-late) before this makes it into consumer machines. I like the sound of some of the minor upgrades Santa Rosa allows, especially graphics, as I'd like to do moderate gaming in the future. But the refurbs have been calling my name more frequently as of late.

    I know, I know, buy now if you need it (oversaid). I don't and am just not interested in buying so close to a speculative bubble. But I don't buy a comp every year or two and am finagling finances to purchase, so I'm looking to maximize time and money. Santa Rosa seems like it will fit my perspective, provided it doesn't come out in October or something much more innovative released around WWDC.
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    Will all depend on the volume Intel is able to do for all the parts Apple needs.

    Likely Apple will be in production a couple few weeks, before they make the announcement.

    But think about the typical volume some things come out with during the initial ramp up, and Apple needing 500k-1 million units rather quick for a quick MacBook Pro/iMac switch.

    The 2 MacBook lines and iMac are likely the first switch, and will likely begin making the switch 6-8 weeks after the PC world -- if there is sufficient supply.

    If there is a major supply problem, expect longer.

    But Apple also has a decent chunk of the flash supply earmarked, so they may be able to move faster than some other PC makers also.


    Announcements are one thing, when the PCs begin hitting the shelf -- that is likely a decent indication that the Macs are 1-2 months away.
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    A lot also depends on what Apple might have to change in design and what is left in the back channels that they want to clear out first before releasing something new.
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    Mar 23, 2007
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    purely speculative, but my guess is june or july. macbook pros in late june with macbooks in early july? time will tell.
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    I am hoping that Apple will update their portables (and the machines that use portable innards) very soon after Intel announces the availability of Santa Rosa, much like they did when first switching to Intel in Jan 06 (days after the Core Duo was announced). I am also hoping that this will come with redesign across the board (iMacs probably, MBP likely).

    On the other hand, it is possible that Apple will wait, try to clear stock, and focus on the iPhone and Leopard before offering any new machines (they did lag about 6 weeks on the Merom machines after all), but I think it would be a poor decision on Apple's part. Macs may be worth the wait, but do they really want to get the reputation of being the last to adopt new computer technology, particularly when all but one of their machines use laptop components?

    My bet is on mid-May (following the Santa Rosa announcement) and will venture to say end of June at the very latest. (If you think the Mac loyals are frustrated now, picture them irate if nothing has come by July).

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