How long do I have to wait for an iMac exchange?

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    Dec 14, 2007

    How long will it take to exchange an iMac through Apple Support? I called Apple Support about my exchange to find out, but the representative on the phone told me that there was nothing that she could do and that I needed to wait for the Returns/Exchanges department to ship out the new iMac. I returned the iMac on Dec 7 and Apple confirmed the return on Dec 11 (during the morning hours). This was my second returned iMac. The reason for this return was that there was a dent/dimple about 2mm in diameter on the aluminum frame that borders the outside of the screen. I noticed it right after turning on the computer.

    The first iMac that I received had a faint vertical line down the center of the screen, underneath the glass. It was not visible while the computer was on, but very noticeable when light shined on the screen when the computer was off. A Mac genius at my local apple store confirmed the defect and pronounced in DOA and created a RMA # for me. All I needed to do was call Apple Support and report my RMA # so that they could signal FedEx to e-mail me the shipping label; once my return was confirmed by Apple they shipped the new iMac right away.

    I am assuming that the reason why it is taking longer for Apple to ship my second replacement is because they need to confirm my reported defect before shipping a new iMac…but, on average, how long will this take? I tried to schedule an appointment with a Mac genius to look at my second iMac (just like I did with my first) so as to speed up the exchange process, but when I tried to call my local Apple store, the person on the phone said that this was a “shipping related problem” and that I needed to contact Apple Support to deal with this problem.

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    OMG! 8 DOA’s in 7 months for a MacBook Pro! And to think that those machines (being professional models) should be built rock solid…I’m so sorry that you went through that! Yeah this whole process started for me on Oct 27, but I am still hanging in there and hopeful that I will get an iMac that I will be satisfied with. I can definitely relate to what you went through nonetheless – this entire process has been so time consuming.

    Thanks for answering my question; I’ll probably get an e-mail sometime Monday or Tuesday (I hope). If I get another iMac that does not meet my expectations, I think I will just schedule an appointment with a Mac genius at my local Apple store (like I did the first time) so that they can help expedite this process a little bit (at least I hope that they will let me see a Mac genius; I’ll try to persuade them if they don’t).

    Anyway, best of luck with your MBP. Ever since I bought my first iPod a year ago, I have fallen in love with this company too (there advertising, product design, and great user interface design seem to be working their magic) and I have since then wanted to purchase my first Mac, but I couldn’t afford it until now. I can’t wait to finally enjoy it!

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    This is the way I see it:

    If you have don't have a problem that effect's performance in a negative way there should be no reason to return it.

    Vaild reason's:

    Screen Defect's. (When actually IN USE :rolleyes:)
    HDD Malfunction.
    RAM Malfunction.
    Optical Drive Malfunction.
    Logic Board Malfunction.
    Built in Periphial Malfunction (i.e iSight, Keyboard, trackpad etc.)

    Because the gap between the lid and lower case doesn't close perfectly, a single key on the keyboard isn't aligned properly, or dare I say it . . . a miniscule "dimple" that was not noticable upon un-packing and inspection should in all honesty be a reason to call it defective and be returned.

    Apple computer's(like Windows based computer's) DO have flaw's, you will only be satisfied when you look past them and realize the work of art, that Apple has created .
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    I'm sorry, but I completely disagree with you RoadieJodie. This dent/dimple was noticable (as far as I can remember, it was also 2mm deep, it was by no means "miniscule"). Like you said, this iMac is indeed a piece of "art" and there was a blemish present on the face of the computer, of which was not my fault. If I pay $1500 for a machine, I expect it to look good too, not just function well (besides part of the function of art is to look good). I just so happened to be one of the unfortunate customers that had this happen to them. Basically you think that I should have just "settled" with that dimple, but I don't think that any customer should force themselves to "settle" for anything if it is going to bother them each time they sit down at their computer; especially when they spent their hard-earned money and feel like they received something of less value than they paid for.

    Basically, when you return something for the reason that I did, you need to have some level of good judgment about the reasonableness of the return - of course returning a computer because a keyboard key is misaligned is not good judgment, that's just perfectionism. I was not being a perfectionist, just an unhappy customer who wanted an iMac the way it was supposed to look. I asked my parents and my sister what they thought about the dimple and they all thought that it was noticable and that I had a good reason to call and ask for a different iMac. With all due respect, I don't think that you should pass judgment without having full perspective on the situation.

    sounds like you are supporting me here ;)
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    Hey Ticcioni

    Back for an update. So I called Apple yesterday about why my new iMac has not shipped yet, and the rep from Apple Support said that she would take care of it (she was really nice to me on the phone btw). She didn't tell me why I didn't get my replacement earlier, but I'm assuming that I was not even registered to get the exchange, since I never received any emails from Apple. But about a 1/2 hour after talking with the rep I got an email from Apple.

    I got my new iMac from FedEx today...and so far I am really happy about it :) Everything on the iMac looks amazing and the computer is performing great. I'm sure that you have heard about the screen gradient on the Aluminum iMacs (both 20" and 24" models) and there is a slightly noticeable top-down gradient on my computer. But I can't even notice it unless I have a solid colored background, and it is really not that bad either - basically if I didn't look on the Apple support forums I would never have known about this problem. All in all, I am a happy customer so far - hopefully smooth sailing from here. :apple:

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