How Long Will 17" be Avail as Refurb?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by $MacUser$, Dec 28, 2012.

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    My father has always been a fan of the 17" MBP, and my brother and I would like to purchase one for him. We won't however grab a used one off ebay, but would prefer to get a refurb from Apple with some kind of warranty. Given it's no longer made we're wondering how much longer we can expect it to remain in the store, and if there's any chance the price will come down any from where it's currently at.

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    Very few remain now....I've been hanging on to mine in the hope that Apple would bring out a 17" rMBP but that seems unlikely now. I have put my top spec. 2011 up for sale complete with AC, but I haven't had any interest as yet. If you are prepared to check the site on a daily basis you might get lucky, but they do sell very quickly...
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    Readily available..

    They are always available and will be as long as Apple exists as a company. There are many inventory left. If you go through all the refurb 17" MBPs available and click on the number of units in the cart section before you check out, many show that you may order more than 20+ but you have to have special privileges to order more than the amount they specify upon punching in a random number greater than 2. Usually I punch in 200 and see what the most number of units are allowed in the cart. If you check the refurb section every other day or three, you will find additional options for 17" appear such as SSD or 8GB of RAM, usually for the 2.4Ghz notebooks...

    Get one today they are like new, just in a plain cardboard white box, better than buying new because you're saving a heap of cash and can put it towards upgrades + Apple Care.

    Best ! Your Father has good taste in notebook size ! ^_^
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    And the refurb section is having a "special limited time price" of the late 2011 2.4 ghz i7 for $1999.

    Still would consider getting him one off of CL, just take the time to ask the right questions, i.e., condition, applecare, peripherals, etc., and verify the answers. Your dad could get the same machine with the original retail white box for a lower price.

    Got my machine in July on CL with extended applecare, box, etc., etc., for $1600, and used the savings to update it. I'm sure he'll love the machine.

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