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Jan 11, 2008
I realize we will know more exact numbers with the upcoming financial results, but what is the best guess at Apple's worlwide sales number of all models of iPhone in 2014? What about just iPhone 6/6+'s?


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Jul 11, 2003
Pointless second question. Apple will tell us the total number of phones sold. We will have no idea on the specifics of each model.
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Aug 24, 2007
My related question is, how many phones can Apple MAKE in a day (and thus a quarter, with some fudging)?

Only datapoint I can find is from CNET from 3 months ago, saying 140,000 6+ (after 60% yield) and 400,000 (85% yield) 6s per day. Now, I would assume that yield on 6+ had to rise closer to 80% through the quarter, maybe even higher, and 6 probably increased to 90%. So if they didn't add more production lines, that works out to 286,000 6+, and 425,000 6 per day. That's a total of only 710K per day. So if that's all the production lines, the max sold can't be higher than 64,000,000 per 90 days. I assume that the ASP of iPhones alone will rise by about $100 per phone, ridiculous as that seems, because I think the percentage going with 64 gb will be very high, and the percentage going 6+ AND 64 GB will be meaningful.

I see one analyst thinks they will sell 69M this quarter. Anyone have a real source for production numbers more current than in October 2014? Also, there is another company making some of them, right? Pegatron? If they have 25% of production, that's another 16M per quarter. They ended the quarter still not able to satisfy all demand (USA caught up, but there are still lines in Asia), so sales should equal production essentially exactly.
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