how many LCDs with "lines"?

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    Mar 25, 2007
    From my post today (as 'bugger') on an Apple Support thread:
    'Me too; Serial W8543... etc., etc. As I recall it started about 6 months ago with something -'
    (like a neg. scratch in film)
    '- that was intermittent; faint and gone when up to temp, but by the time I was looking;
    a - here -'
    '- for answers and
    b - for the corrected paperwork (original one's power supply was declared DOA after one week home and three in the shop -'
    (January '06 so of course I'm out of warranty)
    '- I had a thin green line top to bottom through the flag (usually) then for couple of weeks now it has been joined by a bright red through the airport symbol and in the last few days I've noticed two more greens; one beside the time and one through bluetooth, but also sometimes ie. while screen is waking, colours vary and 'echoes' are visible as well these present fixture 'artifacts'
    We are north of Cairns so coping with power outages, humidity, and other factors makes us prone to low expectations of low-end products.
    This purchase was to replace a G3 (power supply -'
    '- which replaced the LC (rusted motherboard) we brought up here with us in November '95, so - while I appreciate the upgrades - I would like to see Apple's examination of this phenomenon and look forward to a response with our allegiance in mind.'
    I chose not to mention the intermittent 'coma-with-fans' problem.
    What would be the business formula for:
    edgy-design / quality-control / extended-care-claims / customers
    - swings and roundabouts?
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    Mar 25, 2007
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    Mar 25, 2007
    any advice on lighting screen shots by photo booth and mirror?
    should also mention serial YD547***** on above threads
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    I'll keep trying - but you might be able to see what I mean. it's getting worse quite quickly now so as the support call centre suggested I'll go beg the nearest AASP to help make an application to have it considered with the video/power batch - not with a great deal of optimism

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    'Finally, with a 50mm wide strip of screen unusable, I got mine to back to the shop I bought it from who wanted to sell me a replacement screen or at least charge to have a look. Luckily there are two resellers here so I went straight to the other one who readily offered to get it fixed under the extension program - which they have.
    While the new logic board was here directly it took a few weeks for a screen to be shipped and at one stage I was told to expect an offer of a new iMac - apparently someone with a similar problem with an intel has just got one.
    For no charge (even outside warrantied time - or the serial no.s with an acknowledged problem) its fixed and I'm still able to use Classic - but having considered the upgrade I anticipate being back at the shop with the more helpful attitude as soon as possible. I hope every one else can get a similar result.'
    and from
    'done a bit of homework on this and have some thoughts ...
    ... in Australia law mentions the reasonable expectations of the consumer and pixels crapping out within a week of the 1 year should not really be acceptable. Please don't go...with the 'own fault; could have got applecare' theme. I don't imagine Apple have just accepted that they were unlucky with a component supplier or assembly line and put it down to experience - they surely got active and protested this in their own way.
    I got lucky with a service department and have a new logic board and screen despite being outside the time and numbers - so it can happen if you just get the right people at the right time.'

    Apple Inc Australia must also be applauded for making this customer happy
    by doing the right thing asap, not stonewalling like I was expecting from what I had read on the various forums.

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