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Mar 20, 2013
The Apple Q&A page says one per thunderbolt port, but can you daisy chain to have more than one monitor per port?

I'm thinking of switching to an iMac from my windows PC, but I currently have 4 monitors, and worry about losing one.


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Jan 9, 2007
You won't be able to daisy chain tb monitors to get more than 1 monitor per TB port. The TB display and other monitors reply on the Mini-Displayport signal to show a video signal, so only one per TB port is possible.

Someone could make a TB video adapter that adds a video card to the TB bus to add a traditional video screen (but this isn't available at present, so purely hypothetical).

You could use a PCI card TB adapter to put a pci video card in and get a second video display on a TB port.

You could use this: to split one of the TB MDP signals into two identical monitors. Then the other TB port for the third monitor and the iMac screen equals 4.

There are also USB adapters to allow you to drive a video screen, those would work for a fourth screen.
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