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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Uplift, Mar 30, 2017.

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    A lady in my office uses a Macbook with the single USB-C port... currently using the official Apple adapter to hook it up to an HDMI display.

    However, she is after a second monitor as the Macbook display is too small.

    Is it possible to hook up a 2nd monitor?

    We're thinking something along the lines of another Apple adapter to go into the first adapters USB-C port which will give us another HDMI and another USB-C for charging.

    Essentially chaining the Apple adapters *sigh*

    Possible? If not, is there any other routes we can go down? We have been looking for hubs with multiple USB-Cs or HDMIs but not coming up with much...

    Is the Macbook even capable?
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    We have Targus USB DisplayLink docks ( at work which can be used to drive multiple monitors. However, they rely on USB and so performance is pretty naff, plus there's a load of graphical bugs. This is specific to macOS, not the MacBook - they're simply Windows-optimised products.

    I use a MacBook as my main work machine and just stick to one external display. I lasted only an hour or so on the DisplayLink adapter with two monitors - it was horrific. I definitely wouldn't recommend it, but it is possible.

    Officially, Apple say the MacBook only supports one external display:

    However, that information is actually wrong - every MacBook now supports 3840x2160 at 60Hz over USB-C.

    An alternative to using two displays might be to see if you can find a USB-C capable widescreen monitor (3440x1440 or something). Not sure if those exist, though.

    The short answer is that your colleague is using the wrong product for her needs.
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    I have the Toshiba DynaDock ( scroll down to the bottom of that page) and I drive an Iiyama 24" LCD through that via DVI and one through the Apple adapter via HDMI.

    That gives me reasonable performance from the MacBook display and two 1920 x 1080 displays - enough for me!

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