How many NEW iPhone users because of iPhone 6?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by 1458279, Jan 29, 2015.

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    May 1, 2010
    Clearly Apple knocked sales out of the ballpark! But I haven't seen any stats on how many NEW iPhone users they have.

    Apple has a long track record of getting their users to upgrade to the new device. They've had less luck getting new users and converts from other brands (Android/Windows/BB/...)

    With these kind of sales, you'd expect that there has to be SOME new people.

    Anyone have solid stats on this?

    BTW, a regional breakdown would be awesome. I hear Apple Pay vs others is going to have some challenge in Asia/India, which is a huge area of growth.
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    Apple never released this info, so i dont think anyone will have solid stats.
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    I haven't seen any solid numbers but they say they have alot of converts and I believe 'em.
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    Maybe this thread should be made into a poll (is that possible?)

    Those who upgraded from a previous iPhone
    Those coming from another smartphone OS
    Those coming from a feature phone or no phone

    I'd be interested in seeing how that goes.
  5. xjesterx, Jan 29, 2015
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    Well, here's one! I was a LONGGGGG time Android user who finally switched with the iPhone 6. I mean, the original Verizon Droid, sliding keyboard... since then! I got the Samsung Galaxy S5... and besides the screen, which was gorgeous, I was underwhelmed. It was ugly. It didn't excite me to use it. (Yes, I like being excited when I get a new phone). The golf ball holes fake leather plastic back just killed it for me... I mean, this was $799 retail new.

    I really like some of the customization on Android still, like changing the launchers and themes to anything I like.. and I like the external SD card use (if apple can make a sim slot, cant they give us a memory slot?)...and I liked the changeable battery... but after my first week with iPhone 6... I was sold. Why?

    Overall it just works. I love that. A lot of apps also come to iOs first (or only) and I've come to love that. I still would like more customization and letting us nerds do more without jailbreaking, but I have liked it so much I bought my girlfriend an iphone 6. It might be a little feminine of me, but heck, I even love Siri! It blows "Hello Google" out of the water. I have just changed my use a little in terms of battery... in the car or at home I usually plug it in, really, its not a big deal.

    Finally, Apple has held a monopoly on the best camera. I'm also a photojournalist, and having such a great camera on my phone is wonderful. (I compared the s5 camera to my iphone 6, and while the s5 camera is good, it isn't as good as the iphone).

    I know this testimonial sounds like I'm making it up, but yes, I am a true convert. Now if they would only make iTunes not suck! LOL. :)

    Edit: forgot one thing, we now have 4 iphones and 1 ipad among our family members (Christmas!) and I LOVE that Apple put family sharing in place. Also, "Find My iphone" almost always works perfect.
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    1. China was the single largest growth sector for Apple this past quarter. China alone accounted for 22% of Apple's revenue. link:
    2. Android converts were minimal, compared to feature phone, Blackberry and Windows Phone upgraders/converts. SE Asia was the primary area of increase for Apple, to include South Korea.
    3. The US/Canada/Japan/Australia/UK are always solid iPhone re-purchasers and Apple maintains significant marketshare. But I have only seen a few percentage point shifts in these main Apple markets. Here is the latest data on those buying iPhones this past quarter and previous quarters, and what they switched from. As you can see, the Android to iOS switch rate has remained constant over the years.

    That said, I bought 2 iphones this past quarter to help contribute to the 74+ million number. However, I still use Android daily, as well as Windows Phone. My household is OS agnostic.
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    May 1, 2010
    Thanks! This is good news! I'm an iOS dev working on mobile enterprise apps and that's one area that Apple has a stronghold.

    I think Apple will have a strong future once the devices become an appliance, which should happen in the next few years. At that point, Apple will become less of the next phone you buy and more of the last phone you buy because people will have less desire to upgrade. We're near that point now, just need a few more nice things (front camera = rear camera, removable storage, new high speed BT...)

    At that point, people will not see Apple's price to be as much of an issue because they'll hold on to the device much longer (just like the iPads).

    Then the issue becomes killer apps in growth areas and that will become the factor in which OS people buy into. IMO, Apple already knows these things and they are taking steps to insure victory, like the deal with IBM.

    Growth in Asia/China is one of their key issues and it looks like they're making headway there :cool:

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