How many of you anticipated the iPhone by modding your PDA?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by one1, Sep 20, 2007.

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    Jun 17, 2007
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    I remember when the news broke on the iPhone the PDA mods began. Admittedly I was one of the PDA modders, but I did happen to be using the closest thing to the iPhone since it had the best screen on the market, it was black, and was also arguably the best PDA of it's time with it's 624 mhz processor (HP HX4700).

    I also went out of my way to make the clone as perfect as possible since I had such a good match for specimen. I think I did pretty good since I was always getting compliments on it. The setup worked very smoothly with no errors. All the icons did what they do on the iPhone.

    Anyway, now that we all have the iPhone I look back and think to how I set my PDA clone up and to tell you the truth, I was REALLY close.

    Here's a pic of my iPhone clone PDA for reference. I was curious how many people set their PDA's up that way when it was all the craze while we waited for the iPhone to be released. :)

    I ended up selling the PDA last year sometime.

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    I was going to do that with my Windows Mobile T-Mobile SDA phone but by the time I was ready to download the packages, Apple Legal had all that stuff pulled. I didn't feel like searching for it anymore.

    But, in the words of a famous song, "There's nothing like the real thing, baby..." :)

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