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Discussion in 'iMac' started by martinchivers, Feb 8, 2013.

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    When I bought the mac, a couple of years ago, I installed an epson R200 and a 4880. I also installed my Mitsubishi dye-sub.

    I had problems from day one, and could only get 2 of the 3 working at one time. Uninstall/reinstall mess around etc, etc. I have forgotten the process exactly. Anyway, I gave up altogether & priorities to the 4880 & dyesub. All printers are installed via USB, not network.

    I have been running the R200 on an old PC, but that has now broken down & I have now acquired a canon iP4200. That is currently installed on the PC & is fantastic. HOWEVER, In an ideal world, I would like to run it via my mac.

    Both 4880 & dyesub are working fine, and the 4880 in particular has a huge amount of personal settings.

    ......THEREFORE, my dilemma.....Do I install the canon & hope all 3 work or continue to use it on the PC. All of my documents are designed on the mac & then transferred over to the PC, but inevitably there are always little niggles with file (.docx) compatibility (fonts etc) between pc & mac.

    Has the mac any limitation on the number of printers it runs? Can anybody shed light on why one 2 printers work at any given time? I had experienced the same proplem to, with a xerox lazer.
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    Does your Mac have an ethernet port? The 4880 has ethernet connectivity; maybe you can connect it that way and then connect the Pixma via USB.

    Another option could be to attach your printer to a print server or your router and share it that way on the network. If you use an Airport or Time Capsule this is easy.
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    I currently have 5 printers connected to my iMac ... 2 laser jet, 1 inkjet with scanner and fax, 1 photo inkjet, and a Dymo dual label printer. Three are via USB and two of them are ethernet attached with built-in print servers. I share all of them from the iMac so any of the household WiFi connected laptop computers can access any of them.

    I don't know why you would be seeing a limit on connected printers unless there is some conflict with the drivers.
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    I think this is what PDF is for... print the .docx on your Mac as a .pdf... that *should* keep the fonts the same when transfering the file to a windows machine for printing on the PC printer...
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    3 Printers here.

    Canon MX860 connected via wired network; Canon Pro9500II via USB; and Brother HL-2270DW via wired network.

    Looks like it is time to figure out what is messing with your printer(s) setup. Clearly, you ought to have all connected and in working order.

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