How many screens on new iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by srt4cane, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Safari browser screens that is ;)

    I sold my 1st gen ipad because I was so frustrated with the browsing experience in safari, among other things. I'm the type of person that keeps a minimum of 5-6+ tabs open at any one time, plus music playing in the background and other misc apps. I know there were other options, but I just hate the fact that Apple's OWN browser sucked so bad and had to reload the page every time I wanted to switch tabs. So, my hope is that with the new ipad's increased RAM I will be able to switch tabs back and forth to my heart's content. Can anybody weigh in on this? I've seen a few youtube clips that show an incredible leap in performance in this area, however, those were without many background apps running. Anyone have any comments on this during day to day use? Thanks :D
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    I had 3 open today and they reloaded. I was watching a youtube video on one tab. It's kind of disappointing.
  3. rick98761, Mar 17, 2011
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    Right now I am listening to pandora and switching between 3 tabs with no reloading. If you are using an audio app in the background and just swapping tabs in safari you will be fine. It's when you starts swapping between safari and several other apps, then come back to safari is when you start getting some reloads. It is WAY better then the first iPad.

    Edit: in fact just now I left safari, used the iDisk app, rearranged my icons, used a reedit app, went into pandora to thumbs up a song, loaded file browser to download a file off my main pc, went back to safari and all 3 apps I had been using were fine.

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