How many servers do you think....


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Mar 24, 2006
are required to power the whole Apple empire. They have a host of international sites which are quite extensive, music and video download stores, they'll also maintain financial records as well as dedicated servers to manage R&D projects. Im guessing quite alot. They must have this bunker loaded with Xserves right?, must store around 500 terabytes of data at least?

Just a random topic i thought i'd throw out there

Dane D.

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Apr 16, 2004
Interesting thought, daneoni. Add to that, what system or systems are they running? What about backup and archiving? The number of staff to maintain such a setup? The power consumption? The list could get long real fast when you stop and think about it.


May 27, 2005
bigandy said:
but I think it may have been just so they could put everything in one place :rolleyes:
I wouldn't think they would put everything in one place in the interest of redundancy.

Due to the industry I'm involved with I've been in a very high level data center and in the co-managed halls were Microsoft equipment.

I wish i could go into more detail about what i seen and the measures they have in place, its was simply amazing!