How many times can I re-install in one month?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Kronie, Oct 21, 2009.

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    Dec 4, 2008
    So I recently (about a month ago) upgraded my stock 320GB drive on my unibody to a 500GB Seagate. Reformat the drive, fresh install of all apps. Install #1. Worked fine.

    Then three weeks ago I bought a Mac Pro, to replace the unibody. I tried "migration assistant" (Install #2) with it for the first time ever and it seemed like it was OK at first but there was something not quite right apps were slower and it seemed glitchy. I fixed permissions and reset the PRAM and it still wasn't right. So I reformatted and did a fresh install. Install #3

    Install #3 somehow didn't mesh with my app data. All emails from entourage gone, User Data corrupted, LR libraries corrupted.

    Install #4, worked perfect, good to go. I have been using the Mac Pro for two weeks.

    So I'm paying for part of my Mac Pro by selling my 17" unibody. I'm past the 14 day return on the Pro so I decided yesterday morning just to wipe the drive on the Unibody and package it up for selling. Install #5

    BIG MISTAKE. Not an hour after I reinstalled the OS on the Unibody, I get the email from Apple about the new iMacs. I was bummed. I called Apple and somehow managed to get an RA for the Pro. (even though I'm over 14 days) ...... so the 27" iMac in on the way November......sometime.

    So now I'm looking at a moving all the files and reinstalling the apps back on the unibody (install #6) until the iMac gets here. Then I can reformat and install snow leopard one more time in the iMac. Install #7!!

    Oh, and my wife bought a 13" unibody two weeks ago so I also had to install all of her apps and docs on her stock 160GB drive then clone the drive to a 320GB and swap drives.

    Hopefully when I get the iMac it will be the last install for a long time!! But I'm a pro @ reinstalling now:D
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    The Netherlands
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    You are correct. Ive installed windows systems that took half a day and not 45 minutes.
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    Apr 8, 2008
    Not only that, but there is a limit (5 times) on how many times you can activate a product. I hit that with Office 2007 professional and called to complain as "their" OS kept crashing. I was told that I was out of luck. I won't be buying MS products any longer with that attitude.

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