How much are iPod touches when it comes to resale value?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by seong, Feb 2, 2012.

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    Yes, I am eligible to post on market place, and no, I'm not even thinking about selling it here, because I live outside U.S.
    I tried to sell my iPod touch 4G 32GB on one of the used-electronics forum from where I live, and the prices of near-perfect condition iPod touches, including the box that it came with, USB charger, earphones, and case, sell at around $199, about the same cost as new 8GB iPod touch. I'm new to selling iPods, but has it always been like this? I assumed it would be 40~70 dollars lower than the original price.
    Sorry, I should have know better to look up on eBay, but still, The prices range from $150~$250.
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    So you expected it to cost YOU $40-70 to have an ipod touch for a year ++?

    Wow . . . just, wow. Apparently a dose of harsh reality was needed, and apparently it sounds like it was received.
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    Well, like I said above, this is my first time selling iPods. I don't know what you guys do on Macrumors forums, but I see a lot of people just bashing and not giving a proper answer to the questions. If I don't know something, then write a sentence or two and tell me. I have no clue as to why someone would post a useless reply to the OP. I thought forums are about; ask a question, have it answered. I know some people get sick of these kind of questions and say I need to face the reality or something like that, but that doesn't help the OP, doesn't it?


    The reason I was expecting 40 to 70 dollars was because on eBay, people are selling it between 150-250 dollars, which, if you do math correctly, 250 dollars is 49 dollars lower than $299 that Apple sells at. And, if you haven't noticed, I sold my MacBook pro. Although it doesn't say when, I sold it two days ago at $800, for a computer that I paid $1199 in 2010, and added some upgrades such as 500GB HDD and 8GB of RAM.

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