How much are these Macs worth altogether?

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    Hey everyone,

    So I know prices on old Macs are all over the place, and it can depend on what the computer comes with/its condition, etc., so I'd like some advice on what I should pay for these Macs. I am a collector already, so take that into perspective! :) (as in, I am not looking for answers that try to educate me on something that a newby collector would not know).

    So my teacher has some old Macs in his room; these include an LC and two Macintosh Classic IIs (Rev. A). There is one Apple Keyboard II, a Design keyboard, and 1-2 ADB I mice with this.

    Since the classroom needs a new server, my teacher kindly asked if I wanted to buy the Macs. Originally he said I could have them if the school is okay with it, but he thought it would be nice if I could help put some money towards it... not completely opposed to this, in spite of the fact that they COULD be given to me for free. Now, I am aware that Macintosh Classic IIs are not super valuable to collectors, and prices seem to vary. And much higher prices are usually due to the faults of the non-collectors who think that they are very rare, and try to sell them as such.

    Condition: The Classic IIs are very dirty but show little-to-no yellowing. The HD spins up in each, however they would not boot on account of their blown caps... that really takes some value off of them. The Apple Keyboard II that comes with them is yellowed, and the mouse/mice is/are acceptable. The Macintosh LC is somewhat yellowed and would NOT turn on AT ALL; I am assuming the PSU is dead or something.

    All-in-all, I told him that a Classic II w/ blown caps isn't worth much, let alone one that actually works; in other words, I said that even a working one in nice condition should only be worth about $150 at most (if that's correct). Judging by the usual prices, and an actual, ended eBay listing on a similar one w/ blown caps, I said that each Classic II would be worth about $15. As for the LC, I am not sure about its value, but I know it will be pretty low, considering it doesn't even turn on (maybe $10?).

    Now, of course, I would be getting the lot, so those prices would add up to around $40, which, even if they ARE collectible Macs, is more than I would pay for BROKEN computers. Collectors tend to be picky about these things, so I'd assume these aren't worth $40.

    How much do you guys think the lot is worth? Keep in mind that these computers aren't personally his, and would have been thrown in the trash, had he not rescued them.

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    I'd be looking at what you need from this batch.

    If you're in need of some spares (Mice, keyboard switches, CRT without burn marks and hard drives that work) then it could be worth that much.

    However, if your collection already has examples of these machines in near working order, then I'd say their value is almost nil.

    However, the most valuable parts are probably the hard drives and CRTs. If you can establish the condition of those, and get them for a song, that could be worth the $40 - if you currently need them.

    Tough call. Personally, I'd offer $20 for the lot, and tell him they're essentially parts scrap value. Their condition is largely unknown.
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    Ya maybe $20 for the lot. Its hard to guess because a lot of collectors who want any of those probably already have them. Classic II and any LC, LC II type system bottomed out in price a while back and could be hauled off for free. They were just never uncommon enough to constitute a good collectors price.

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